On the Fear of Speaking Up

Sometimes I find myself very reluctant to post on Social Media, whether that be Instagram or Wechat. I write a very inspiring article and am eagle to share it with the world, but I am held back by the way people might receive it. I am scared that people won’t read it. I am scared that people will think I am showing off. I am scared that maybe I shouldn’t so shamelessly promote my own article.

Sometimes I can’t help but think, maybe I shouldn’t post this. But this is my voice. What I write about in this article is my beliefs. And I want to influence people, I want to speak up about the things I care about. Another voice in my head tells me that I am a nobody, and that something I say won’t affect anyone’s thinking. But that shouldn’t stop me from speaking up, should I? Just because I am a nobody; just because I am not famous; just because I did not gain public recognition - doesn’t mean my beliefs and my opinions are not valid.

If I don’t speak up and post about it, someone will take my words, my idea, and steal it away from me. When it comes from them, I will regret it.

Michelle Obama posts a lot on Instagram, and people listen. Nobody knows who I am. But I’m not going to let that stop me from speaking up, from voicing my beliefs and opinions, and from holding me back.

Yujia HuangComment